End to End Copper and Fiber Structured Cabling Systems
 Category Cable and Fiber Cable
Custom Copper and fiber assemblies 
 Cable Management Solutions, basket tray and much more
C6A Certifier, PoE Validation
ProLAN's "Structured Cabling" Solution: ProLAN has selected products that together provide a complete solution for every low voltage cabling application! ProLAN represents everything from data faceplates and jacks to complete cable management systems.  Contact your representative to schedule a product demo or have them work with you to select the right cabling solution that will serve your needs.

Your technical solutions partner!  

"At ProLAN Solutions, We are dedicated to earning business by adding value for our customers"   Christopher Gosche, 1986 

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling
Cat6 Jacks
Cat6 patch panels
C5E Jacks
C5E patch panels
C6A angled panels
C6A Jacks
C6A patch panels
Keyconnect Jacks
MDVO Jacks
racks and vertical mgrs
wall mount enclosures
Fiber boxes
fiber adapters
Brillance Fiber connectors
110 blocks
Copper & fiber Cable
Cat 6A cable
Cat 6-plus cable
Cat 6 cable
Cat 5E cable
Cat 5e cable
indoor/outdoor Cat 6 cable
Fiber-optic cable
overhead tray
Underfloor power distribution
Test Equipment
Cable certifier

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